Senior Data & BI Engineer – JB2357

We’re looking for an experienced, talented Senior Data & BI Engineer to join our fast-growing team.
We are a data-driven organization, starting to ingest data at high rates, with demands increasing each day.
As our in-house Data & BI Engineer, you will be responsible for a large-scale production platform that serves as the core infrastructure of our products. You'll develop self-service tools
that support the accessibility of our platform for the use of all stakeholders.
We will look to you to be a center of knowledge, consult, and share your expertise with others.

● Create, maintain and own the core company data pipeline,
responsible for scaling up data processing flow to meet the rapid data growth
● Consistently evolve data model & data schema
based on business and engineering needs
● Implement systems tracking data quality and consistency
● Develop tools supporting self-service data pipeline management (ETL)
● Work with stakeholders and analysts on data-related technical issues and support their data infrastructure needs
●Understand funnels, ecosystems, user behaviors, and long term trends on the adoption of our products to identify opportunities and maximize growth. Leverage data to understand how our users interact with our products and how they can
achieve even greater success.


  • ●At least 3 years of experience managing ETL & BI processes and production analytics datastore
  • ● Experience with building big data and ETL tools and data lakes
  • ● Experience in transferring 3rd party data to the internal company data lake\warehouse (e.g. google analytics, tags manager, mixpanel, salesforce, zendes, etc.
  • ● Experience with relational SQL and NoSQL databases
  • ● Understanding of Airflow/GHA & CI/CD concepts in production environment - must
  • ● High level English proficiency, both written and verbal - A must!
  • ● Ability to work in an agile, dynamic, rapid environment with constant changing priorities
  • ● Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (in English at a high level)
  • ● Ability to work independently. A self starter with constant hunger to improve, research, and learn
  • ● Team player with true passion, creativity and motivation for backend and complex processes
  • ● B.Sc. in Computer Science/Mathematics or a related degree (optional).
  • ● Experience with AirFlow -must
  • ● Experience with DBT - a plus
  • ● Experience with Rivery - must
  • ●Experience with BI/Data Visualization Tools - Tableau - must
  • ● Experience working with analysts and data scientists
  • ● Experience working with financial systems - an advantage
  • ● Knowledge in cloud environments (AWS - an advantage)