Data Platform Team Leader (JB-2410)

As Data Platform Team Leader, you will manage the data engineers on our data team.
You’ll influence every decision-making process, making this a crucial role in the company. You’ll ensure that members of various departments gain much-needed insight into different data sources that touch upon every aspect of our product, from user behavior to new feature adoption, operational, financial, and marketing KPIs, and more. You’ll work closely with members of different departments to understand their business and data needs.


  • 6+ years of industry experience in data engineering - a must
  • At least 2 years of experience as a team lead managing 3+ people
  • Able to lead complex projects and build data platforms from scratch
  • Extensive experience in big data architectures at scale in the cloud (AWS | GCP) - a must
  • amiliar with off-the-shelf ETL tools (like Matillion, Stitch, Fivetran) and orchestration frameworks (like Airflow, AWS AppFlow, AWS Step Functions & data pipelines, AWS Glue, GCP Cloud Composer & Dataflow) - a must
  • Experience with near real-time data streaming solutions (different types of queueing and streaming, Pub/Sub paradigms, Kafka, AWS SNS / SQL, Kinesis Data Firehose & streams, GCP Cloud Pub/Sub & Dataflow) - an advantage
  • Hold relevant certification in big data architecture in one or more of the public clouds (AWS Solution Architect / Big Data | GCP Data Engineer) - an advantage
  • Accustomed to talking to internal stakeholders to understand their needs and build best-in-class data architecture to solve their problems while meeting company needs for the short and medium-term